Distribution or trade?

Distribution or trade?

On the following pages, you can learn what cooperation options you have and decide how you would like to work with us.

If you have any questions about this procedure and your options, you can reach us via the contact form, by mail or by telephone when calling our hotline.

Within a single day, you can achieve any status and become a certified dealer.


Intermediary seller

As a jeweller, you can also recruit sales partners yourself. Distributors receive commissions from our own sales and from the sales made by partners they have recruited. You will also receive commissions on sales made by the sales partners you have recruited. This also applies to other jewelers, without any loss of income for you or the jeweler.

The model is described in detail at www.osmium-sales.com. You are welcome to pass on the password for access to the protected area to your sales partners. You can get it on request at the Osmium Institute by phone or mail.

Each sales partner can also be billed according to a discount model. The profits are paid out as a margin on trading.

In this trading model, it"s margins are somewhat higher than in the pure sales model, but the trader must buy the Osmium as a regular merchant at a discount and sell it again at world market prices. It therefore has a flow of goods and capital in its own company as well as entrepreneurial risk.

Retail seller

Jewellers are wholesale partners in the Osmium market. They buy Osmium and sell it either processed or unprocessed.

They act as regular merchants and have their own company. Trade partners are listed on the pages www.osmium.institute.com, on the country partner pages and on the page www.osmium-jewelry.com and are available to customers for consultation.

They are each supplied with certified goods by a partner institute in their country and deliver them to their partners and customers.

Processing company

Jewellers and jewellery processors can process osmium without participating in the trade themselves. These partners are kindly requested to contact us via the contact form or by telephone on the hotline +49 (89)7 44 88 88 88 - 88.

You will learn how to work with osmium and how make moulds, cut and process it and combine it with other metals.

If jewellers come up with their own designs, their creations will gladly be integrated into the international trade network.

State Institute Partner

The Osmium-Institute to introduce and certify Osmium will have a second base in every country of the world within the next few years.

For many countries, these partners are currently being sought.

These partners receive specific training and support an entire country as exclusive partner. Prerequisite is a company location in this country and good English or German language skills. The institute's partner must keep Osmium in the country and deliver it.

The cooperation with him is primarily aimed at supporting and supplying wholesale partners in the country as well as answering questions from sales and the public about Osmium.


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Distribution or trade?