How to onboard

How to onboard

Please read the following page for basic information: www.osmium.info Now you can enter your data for cooperation with the "Osmium Institute to introduce and certify Osmium" by using the onboarding form. You can find the form in the main menu. Trade partners must upload a trade confirmation in the form of a trade licence or a trade register entry. If you have already registered at www.buy-osmium.com, you can upgrade your status by uploading the trade confirmation. You have no obligation, but you can immediately claim a basic trade discount for your trading activity. You will be given access to the download centre for material to use and additional information. In the onboarding process you also assign a personal referrer code, which as your password also enables you to have complete information about the trading structures for Osmium at your disposal at all times on the www.osmium-sales.com website. If you decide to become an Osmium trader, please read the documents in the registration process and confirm that you have acquired the necessary osmium trading expertise. You will receive a confirmation email and will be admitted as a trader from this point on. From this moment on you also have full access to our support. This is very helpful if you are trading osmium for the first time, as it is slightly different from trading gold or silver. For example, the security options in the labeling are much higher than a hallmark in a ring, as you may be used to. This, however, also creates the option to buy a metal safely and certified from a private source and resell it to a private source.

What options do I have?

There are four general options for the partnership with the Osmium Institute for the marketing and certification of osmium. The possibilities range from processing to distribution or even the establishment of a trading company or the operation of a regional branch of the Osmium Institute.

Inform yourself on the main menu item of this page under:

What can I become?

We ask you to study these four options in detail and then decide on a way to start. In the further cooperation you can also have several statuses at the same time or simply change the status in the group.

This procedure depends on which goals you want to achieve, how much time you want to invest and how intensively you are interested in osmium.

If you simply want to talk about the topic with someone, then please do not hesitate to call our hotline: +49 (89) 7 44 88 88 - 88

Logout / Stop

If you do not want to be a specialist dealer, want to cancel your status or deactivate the dealer ID number, simply enter the number in the following form:

You will then receive an e-mail, which you should send back to us so we can take the last step.

Of course you will always have the possibility to revive your status using the same number. In this case, you will receive an e-mail which you must confirm, too.

Deregistration Form

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How to onboard