Distribution or trade?

Distribution or trade?

On the following pages, you will learn what cooperation options you have and decide how you would like to work with us.

As a general rule the Osmium business offers exciting work in a pleasant environment that is very lucrative. In a starting and fast growing market, you can already work your way up to a strong position in sales or trade.

We differentiate between sales partners who receive commissions and trade partners who buy goods and sell them on to their own customers. If you have any questions about this procedure and your possibilities, you are welcome to contact us via the contact form or by e-mail or telephone on our hotline.

Within a single day you can reach any status and also become a certified retailer if you conduct the online training.



Intermediary seller

Intermediaries are sales partners who do not trade independently. They advertise Osmium on the Internet, in their work environment or at events and receive an extremely attractive commission via a referral code that their customers enter in the online shop. In addition, they have a particularly lucrative purchase price for theirr own purposes.

Sales partners can also set up their own sales force over 3 levels, in which they also participate particularly lucratively.
If you want to become a trader, you can easily change your status by uploading a trade register or trade certificate (or proving a small business). Then the flow of goods and capital will run through your own company. You also bear the entrepreneurial risk, which you do not bear as an intermediary.

Retail seller

Every sales partner can also trade himself and become a trading partner for Osmium for this purpose. He profits from good trade margins, which put gold and silver in the shade.

All trading partners are each supplied with certified goods by a State institute partner in their country and in return deliver these to their partners and customers.

Trade partners receive an attractive basic discount on their purchases and also variable discounts that depend on their turnover. They buy osmium and sell it unprocessed to end customers and investors.

All trading partners are obliged to act as ordinary merchants and have a trade licence from their own company or a trade licence.

The business license must be uploaded during registration or upgrade.

Wholesalers and jewelers

You can become a wholesalers on request at a State institute partner if you were a dealer with good sales previously, grow very quickly or if you are a jeweller. Every new jeweller is directly classified as a wholesaler because of his shop.

Wholesale partners receive a trade margin that allows them to build up their own network of dealers if they wish. Above all, one supplies manufacturers or is a financial distributor.

Intermediaries, retailers or wholesalers are listed on the website www.osmium-institute.com of a country as soon as they are certified. Without certification it is generally not possible to apply for listing. Listing and testing are free of charge.

Wholesalers have the advantage of being able to obtain and operate their own shop free of charge.

Processing company

Jewellers and jewellery processors can process osmium without participating in the trade themselves. These partners are kindly requested to contact us via the contact form or by telephone on the hotline +49 (89)7 44 88 88 88 - 88.

You will learn how to work with osmium and how make moulds, cut and process it and combine it with other metals.

If jewellers come up with their own designs, their creations will gladly be integrated into the international trade network.

State Institute Partner

The Osmium-Institute to introduce and certify Osmium will have a second base in every country of the world within the next few years.

For many countries, these partners are currently being sought.

These partners receive specific training and support an entire country as exclusive partner.

Prerequisite is a company location in this country and good English or German language skills. The state institute partner must keep Osmium in the country and deliver it.

The cooperation with them is primarily aimed at supporting and supplying wholesale partners in the country as well as answering questions from sales and the public about Osmium.

You can only apply for such a position at the Osmium Institute in Germany. This is followed by an interview, a short due diligence and a training of the partner in the country.

To apply for such a position, please use the contact form or call us at the Institute in Germany. Mrs. Elisabeth Gleirscher is responsible.

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Distribution or trade?