Intermediary seller

Intermediary seller

Intermediaries are sales partners who do not trade independently. They advertise Osmium on the Internet, in their work environment or at events and receive an extremely attractive commission via a referral code that their customers enter in the online shop. In addition, you have a particularly lucrative purchase price for your own purposes.

Sales partners can also set up their own sales force over 4 levels, in which they also participate particularly lucratively.

The model is described in detail at www.osmium-sales.com . The password for access to the protected area with the marketing plan and the number models is available on request from the Osmium Institute by telephone or e-mail.

If you would like to become a dealer, you can simply change your status. Then the flow of goods and capital will run through your own company. You also bear the entrepreneurial risk, which you do not bear as an intermediary.

As a sales partner in the role of an intermediary, we ask you to register on the website www.buy-osmium.com!


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Intermediary seller